The idea of developing a rhubarb based drink began in 2008 with discussions at the kitchen table about Grandma's rhubarb champagne.... It grew then into the challenge of value adding a new rhubarb growing enterprise in Scottsdale. Thus the beginnings of our small ,but developing, cottage industry, born from the desire to utilize fresh produce more efficiently, diversify the economic base for our farming community and create a unique taste from Tasmania.

The road to product creation and development is a long and winding one! However, it keeps us motivated and focussed on our goal to create unique rhubarb based tastes. Very few meals escape the addition of rhubarb in some form or another - as a vinaigrette, addition to a sauce or marinade, as a dessert base, a jelly on the pate or as a fruit leather in the toasted muesli. Our B&B guests are (mostly) willing taste testers - market research has been relatively easy in that respect.

We are Holger and Jan, the husband and wife team who drive Rhu Bru. We are committed to playing our part in the "rhubarb renaissance" and from our flagship rhubarb juice have developed a wider product range to include jams, jellies, relishes, syrups and a mellow vinegar. The newest additions to the stables combines the aromatic qualities of lavender with rhubarb into  superb jellies, jams and syrups - all  equally as delicious on hot scones or roast pork!

2011 has provided us with the challenge of marketing our creations - perhaps the hardest part of the process. While Holger works hard to find markets for these unique Tassie products Jan continues to explore taste combinations and possibilities. The recipes page offers some suggestions.

Please join us in celebrating the humble rhubarb plant and try some Rhu Bru products!

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